Thursday, January 1, 2009

HELLOWEEN CD Singles collection

I am collecting HELLOWEEN singles. Here are the list as published by wikipedia. If I am missing something from the list, let me know. The one that I have is stated as GOT IT!

1986 Judas GOT IT!
1987 Future World GOT IT!
1988 Dr. Stein GOT IT!
1988 I Want Out GOT IT!
1989 I Want Out Live GOT IT!
1991 Kids of the Century GOT IT!
1992 Number One GOT IT!
1993 Windmill
1993 When the Sinner GOT IT!
1993 Step Out of Hell GOT IT!
1993 I Don't Wanna Cry No More GOT IT!
1994 Mr. Ego GOT IT!
1994 Where the Rain Grows GOT IT!
1994 Perfect Gentleman GOT IT!
1995 Sole Survivor GOT IT!
1996 Power GOT IT!
1996 The Time of the Oath GOT IT!
1996 Forever and One (Neverland) GOT IT!
1996 Forever and One Live
1998 I Can GOT IT!
1998 Hey Lord! GOT IT!
1999 Lay All Your Love on Me
2000 If I Could Fly GOT IT!
2000 Mr. Torture GOT IT!
2003 Just a Little Sign GOT IT!
2005 Mrs. God GOT IT!
2006 Light the Universe
2007 As Long as I Fall

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