Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to pack your CDs (and avoid paying high postage)?

... and with sufficient protection of course!

What you need?

1. Cling wrap
2. Old used box (I used my son's diapers box) - hard enough to protect the CDs.
3. Scissor
4. CD protector sleeve

a. take out the CD from the jewel case.

b. cut the box according to the size of the CD insert.

c. put all the CDs inside the CD protector sleeve (safely up to 3 CDs or else it is better to use 1 protector sleeve for each CD)

d. Ready to be packed now

e. Pile the cardboard, sleeves and CDs together.

e. Wrap them in the cling wrap, a few times. Make sure that the content no longer moves from its place.

f. Put into the bubble envelope.

g. Ready to be send away!

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